Christmas Eve Readings


Many years ago, before my memory began to remember, our family started a Christmas Eve tradition that has continued every year of my life.*

At bedtime someone would read the biblical account of the birth of Jesus and then someone (usually dad) would read the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore. These two stories provided more than enough hype to propel my sister and me into our beds so we could get that horrible last sleep out of the way before the Christmas Morning Gift Opening.

It was a tradition that came with me when I got married, shared with our children all through their lives, and now Cheryl and I intentionally continue it. We continue it for our children but we continue it for ourselves too. Especially the beautiful story of the birth of Jesus; reading it together makes Christmas warm and deep and we refuse to let go of it.

But this year is different as we perch temporarily in a tiny apartment while our house is being built. There will be no family coming home on Christmas Eve to share the tradition with and the reality is increasingly gnawing at us. Mind you our kids are adults and we are glad that they have places to be on the eve of Christmas … but still…

So we’re taking option #2, which is this blog. I have recorded a reading of the biblical Christmas story followed by The Night Before Christmas.

If you wish to listen to my voice, then by all means do so (it’s free!). On the other hand, my Christmas Wish for you would be that you and your family would take up the tradition of Jesus’ birth with your own readings and your own voices.

So play some carols, light some candles, pour a drink, get into those comfy jammies, then embrace a Christmas Eve tradition before you settle down for a long winter’s night.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!


* I strongly suspect the story of the Nativity was also a tradition in my grandparents homes from before my time.