It’s the eve of Super Bowl Sunday – the single most important sporting event of the year for me. On Sunday we’ll be joining others at a party in the home of Scott and Claire who are good friends and our regular ‘Life Group’ hosts. And, for the first time in memory, our son Craig will be with us instead of spending the day with friends in Buffalo.

Because of the importance of this day I felt like I should write about something truly something important and relevant. One option is that Taylor Swift is being criticized because she has signed an endorsement deal with Diet Coke and the first ad will debut during the Super Bowl. (I have not included an exclamation point at the end of that sentence but if the statement happens to shock or surprise or interest you I have added an extra one here for your use – !).

See, I was thinking of exploring the broad topic of celebrity and consumer worship, and who cares what anybody endorses, and how our culture loves to point critical fingers, and how we should all just get a life and talk about things that really matter, but then I read this excellent article from the current Christianity Today magazine (January, 2013) and felt compelled to post a link to it.

(Subtle but important note: the article is 3 pages long, please be sure to click ‘NEXT’ at the bottom of each.)