Today is Father’s Day. I am grateful for my dad’s part in my life: bouncing me on the bed; wrestling in the living room; Saturday night table hockey; teaching me to soft-boil eggs; promoting me as a drummer; his pride and support for me as an adult when I became an ordained minister. He showed me that strong/kind, work/relax, laugh/cry can all coexist in the same person. He remains active to this day and continues to be central in the life of our family.

I received some of my abilities from him, including the courage to speak in public.

So today, as a change of pace for you and a nod of appreciation to my dad, I have attached the audio from my latest speaking engagement. Below is the link to a message I shared in the chapel gathering at Tyndale University College & Seminary on May 23.

Apologies in advance for some of the ‘inside’ stuff in the first few minutes as I was returning to a place where I had worked for more than seven years previously.

I hope you find my words about Last Leavings to be a blessing.