The shared experience of sincere, caring people is very valuable. Counsellors and pastors are good at times but the biblical emphasis is that the love and wisdom of friends is the best teacher and healer.

So with that in mind, we are hoping to bring your questions and insights together in a practical way. We are inviting you to join our private Facebook group as a meaningful place to ask, share and bless.

Naturally we want to keep it safe for all so please be aware of the following, which will be enforced:

“Our desire is for a helpful and positive experience for members so we can grow and learn in the company of each other’s wisdom and experience. In order to provide a beneficial environment for all, we reserve the right to remove comments or other content which we deem to be unhelpful to that purpose. This could include, but is not limited to: inappropriate photos, vulgar or threatening language, aggressive behaviour, re-use or manipulation of intellectual property that is not your own. Persistent violation of Group Etiquette* can result in a person being denied temporary or permanent access to the group. We ask simply for respect and care for fellow members.”      

Please feel welcome to drop by Facebook and join our group.

Our prayer is that it would be a good place for doubters, seekers, thinkers and people with heart. There is no room here for those who have their minds made up and who recite rote answers. However, there are wide open spaces here for discussion, questions, thought, opinion. The biggest spaces are reserved for humility, sincerity and love.


Continuing on the theme of announcements, a great big ‘congratulations’ to our son Craig and his long-time girl friend Jessi. Yes, he asked her to marry him and she even said yes!

Plans are to complete the deal next summer. Now I have an excuse to buy a top-hat!

We love Jessi and are very happy and proud to welcome her into our family.

Thankful to God and very proud!