My original blog was a collection of random opinions, humorous observations, silly pictures and thoughts about culture and faith.

‘Course nobody read it.

No, wait … it was me who read it quite a lot, so that was nice.  Nevertheless it was a brief and exhilarating ride which I’m oddly proud of, so I’ve archived the majority here on this site (obvious by date).

The busyness of life always seemed to push any volume of writing into the category of distant dream but now here I am, living in very new circumstances: re-married, another home, another town, in my ‘golden years’.  As I’ve been thinking about how to use my time and energy well, my thoughts have returned to the idea of writing – communicating the things that I care about and want to share.

As I type this, a muted television on the opposing wall continues to broadcast frame after frame of CNN types talking over each other to either support or eviscerate President Trump’s policies and tweets.  They remind me daily of our amazing human ability to justify and legitimize almost any crazy idea.  Idol worship.  (See my recent March 23 post titled ‘tipping idols’ for more explanation.)

For example, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr. and other increasingly irrelevant evangelicals continue to show +80% support for a president who is clearly an anti-Christ, blatantly overlooking his life-style, policies, lies, ramblings and narcissism because he is nevertheless giving them what they want.  Worshipping the idols of power, legislated morality and self-righteousness at the expense of hurting and isolating good people and frustrating Jesus’ message of grace and peace.  One of the themes of the Bible is the danger of faith entwined with empire but the lure of power and ‘getting our way’ is an irresistible idol.

It’s not just politicians and religious leaders who are missing the point – we expect that from them –  but most of us end up elevating our own idols and then justifying them as well.

I woke up one night not long ago to the sudden, stabbing realization that I couldn’t stay silent any more.  What would I want my children to know about how I view life?  What do I have to share with other good people about the freedom and wholeness that my journey has brought me to?

My hope is that this site will be an interesting, irreverent, ironic, diverse, funny, serious, hopeful journey and that’s why plans for a simple blog have turned into something bigger.

So it turns out my wife Cheryl wants me to share these things too, and it also turns out she has a talent for building websites – who knew?  (Answer: God.)  So a huge thank you to Cheryl for her hours of hard work and her passion to make this site a reality.  And thank you to Wendy for assisting with the logo.

Hopefully I can communicate that there is a practical, freeing, life-giving intersection where God and people can meet; it’s a much different place than either the religious or the secular usually imagine.  Christianity at it’s heart should be at that intersection but unfortunately can become unrecognizable even to it’s own roots and values.  I’ll comment primarily with those intersecting places as a background.

It is not my intention to be critical of people who are journeying; journey is good wherever you are currently.  I’ve heard that there are four stages of healthy spiritual journey: 1) we are satisfied and confident and can defend our beliefs; 2) we grow dissatisfied and restless with the status quo and begin to quietly question and deconstruct our beliefs; 3) we reconstruct our beliefs from a new point of view and try to evangelize those who are still in stage one; 4) we are at peace, wanting only to walk with others wherever they are.  Unfortunately most will stagnate in one of those stages.  I gratefully feel like I’m in early stage four….

So maybe you’ve never thought much about God, or Christianity is just an odd religion thing that seems pointless or judgemental or strange.  Understood.  Religious idols can be strange.

Maybe you’re a Christian whose faith has left you exhausted, hurt, doubting, confused or secretly empty.  Yeah, I get it.  Some idols can suck the joy out of us.

Or maybe you just keep believing and acting the same as always.  Well, that’s comfortable but there’s idols lurking there too.

Please come back.  There’s lots of idols to tip over.