Now That Is Peace

Small snowflakes float on easy breeze –
without an effort, find the trees.
Now that is peace.

They rest upon the solid branch,
upon the roof of humble ranch.
Now that is peace.

They settle on a rail fence
without a thought, without suspense.
Now that is peace.

They blanket softly, all around,
upon the leaves upon the ground.
Now that is peace.

The Christmas snow reflects all light
from its decor with such delight.
Now that is peace.

More snowflakes settle. They’re unheard –
as Heaven speaks without a word.
Now that is peace.

The stars above, they sparkle too –
a gift from God, to me, to you.
Now that is peace.

Without the pomp and circumstance,
the scenic beauty is romance.
Now that is peace.

A babe in manger once was born –
without the fanfare, without horn.
Now that is peace.

Through virgin love, through virgin birth –
A blanket grace for all on earth.
Now that is peace.

 So why this blanket when it snows?
So why this gift? The Christian knows.
Now that is peace.          

                                              Louis Gander © 2017


My Methodist roots recently took me back to two classic Christmas hymns written in the eighteenth century by Charles Wesley. The first is Come Thou Long Expected Jesus which is a celebration of both the hope and fulfilment that was ushered in by Jesus and left to his children to enact.

The second one is below. You’re invited to celebrate and maybe even sing along. 

Cheryl and I hope and pray that you will have a blessed and joyful Christmas, secure in the firm knowledge that you are loved and that God is with us. Merry Christmas!