Well, it’s that time of year again. Vacations are winding down, teachers are readying classrooms, children are being fitted with school clothes and indoor shoes. Labour Day weekend is poised ominously at the end of the week, waiting to push the final warm air out of our summer and just to put a fine point on it, I found a singular red maple leaf laying on my lawn today.

Along with this seasonal change there also comes a season of busyness for us: in just the last few days our schedule has gone from busy to really, really busy so I will be taking a brief blog break this week in order to survive.

Too bad too because there are so many things in my mind to write about: Tesla’s lawsuit against our provincial government, Trump manipulating evangelical leaders, justice knocking on the door of the Vatican and some out-loud thinking about why so many of you believe in God but don’t go to church.

But nestled between both the planned busyness and the surprise busyness of this week came word that someone I know is nearing the end of life. Thunder is literally rumbling outside right now, almost as a reminder of the storm of trauma that a spouse and a family are facing. Everything is changing even as the world around them bustles with life as normal.

I ask you to pray for this family, though you don’t know their names, but also to reflect on the importance and frailty of Today in your own life. Let me remind you to speak graciously, hug readily, think positively and to see with eyes that love.

Thanks for your understanding. We’ll talk again soon.